FREE WEBINAR: How To Prepare For An Interview To 
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You Will Learn:
>> the KEY research areas to retrieve information vital for interviewer conversations and answering their questions calmly and confidently

>>  how to prepare an answer to one of the most challenging interview questions "tell me about yourself" so you don't feel overwhelmed

>> the 4 critical types of questions that you are probably forgetting to ask that show the interviewer you're really interested

>> little-known and sometimes overlooked areas of preparation that can boost your confidence and help you to stand out from other interviewees

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Alex Wilson-Campbell - the Founder of The Careers With Purpose Summit

 Alex is a job search expert and interview coach having had a 15 year career as a Recruiter. He is also a Resume/CV expert who uses new media to create online events, eCourses and Coaching experiences to enable managers and professionals to find meaningful careers.