Get One-to-one Support & Training Videos To Prepare For Any Interview, Answer Tough Questions And Feel More Confident

"….after attending the coaching session I experienced a new sense of calm and confidence. I came out feeling completely happy ….. A few hours later, I received a phone call offering me the job!" - Zena

Full Members Of The Interview Coaching Academy Get Support From A Personal Coach, LIFETIME Access To 15 Self-Study Support Training Videos,  Access To A Private Online Members' Support Group And Valuable Bonuses.

Interviews have changed and competition is fierce!

You’ve now reached the defining moment of your job search and all you want is to finally feel happy in a meaningful role. But do you have what it takes to overcome the anxiety so that you impress an interviewer and build instant rapport? And how would you rate your interview technique and etiquette?

If you’re feeling nervous and don’t feel certain about answering either of these questions, then you might not be prepared for the big day! The Interview Coaching Academy offers expertise in interview coaching so that you feel confident that you’re fully prepared, and insightful follow-up advice so that you feel supported.

Full Membership To The Interview Coaching Academy Includes

Private Online Group

Valuable End-to-end Live
And Pre-recorded Training

Employers use interviews to compare you to others on their shortlist and, ultimately, to decide whether you’re willing and able to do the job. Our comprehensive training program equips you with solid advice to support your needs before, during and after your interview.

Community is an incredibly powerful asset with that in mind you will have access our private membership group where you can network with like-minded people who value personal and professional development and growing their confidence!

A support system and community is paramount on your journey toward a meaningful and successful career. Imagine having a group to give you invaluable feedback and inspire you when you need it most.

  • 2hrs pre-interview training: an interactive, one-to-one mock session to practice your interview technique and an additional feedback session to highlight areas for improvement
  • Post coaching support and advice on how to prepare for an interview: training on the 4 types of questions to ask, information you need to research so that you’re ready for your meeting
  • Post-Interview support on how to follow up with the interviewer and phone support for 30 days to answer impromptu questions
  • Access to a private, online members’ area where you can watch training videos with common interview questions and answers

Recieve One-to-one Support From A Personal Coach For Advice Before, During And After Your Interview.  Get Lifetime Access To 15 Self-Study Support Videos

Book Your Private Coaching Session At A Convenient Time

We know that during the day you are busy at work or have daily routines ,so book a live coaching session at your convenience after working hours and throughout the week.

Watch pre-recorded training support content - on how to answer interview questions and interview questions to ask - on your phone or mobile device, whenever you want, for life.

Discover key strategies and learn best practices for mastering your performance at interview.

Learn From Experts

A personal Interview Coach offers you the opportunity to share your concerns with someone who knows what they’re talking about so that you can improve your performance to get the job that you really want. You will learn techniques that will boost your confidence and enable you to answer questions like “Tell me about yourself”. You will discover rapport-building techniques to stimulate meaningful and proactive conversation. Having an Interview Coach on your side means you can:

  • Receive coaching from an experienced and trained professional Our Coaches have mentored hundreds of job seekers into work and are able to give you informed feedback on your overall performance so that you know where and how you can improve.
  • ​Gain on-the-spot feedback during and receive support for up to 30 days after your initial session The interview coaching session gives you a great way to prepare for real scenarios with on-the-spot and post interview advice so that you will feel more confident.
  • Practice answering a variety of questions in a structured setting. Performance assessment. Did you know that interviewers are likely to ask you different types of question including traditional and situational questions? During your one-to-one session you will be given feedback on the quality of your performance and relevance of the answers you give.
  • ​Experience realistic practice and preparation and make a big impact You will be given a realistic scenario to prepare based on your interview. Learn everything you need to do to prepare for recruiters’ and employers’ interviews so that you make a lasting impression.
  • Gain insight into how you have performed against specific metrics Review and understand your performance so that you know which areas you need to improve.

Recieve One-to-one Support From A Personal Coach For Advice Before, During And After Your Interview.  Get Lifetime Access To 15 Self-Study Support Videos

Why You Should Become
A Full Member

Uncover the most effective and sustainable ways to build your know-how for the 3 critical stages of your interview (i.e before, during and after). This will increase your confidence. Learn one-to-one from proven coaches who have helped hundreds of people to have success at interview.

Conquer your fears, fast-track your learning and achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible. Why spend dozens of hours chasing dead ends online and endure mistakes and frustration when you can learn from the best right here. We understand your anxieties and concerns because we’ve seen others overcome their fears to get work that they really want.

Harness tools and value packed bite-sized video trainings to back up your learning. Having access to self-study materials will further boost your confidence and enable you to recap on what you have learned. We know you’re busy at home and work so each video nugget is short and to the point so it can be easily absorbed.

Connect with like-minded people who are experiencing a similar situation! Make priceless connections in our exclusive, online private group. If you’re seeking community and the meaningful connections that will inspire you to action, you’ll find it there.

Here's What You Will Learn

The important areas that you need to research so that you are prepared for any question

How to eliminate bad habits related to body language and general communication that are limiting your performance

The four categories of interview questions that you need to ask so that you sound interested in the role and organisation and so you can make an informed decision

How to follow up with the interviewer so that you leave a lasting, positive impression

Key areas to prepare before your interview and what you should do the night before

How to close the interview so that you can gauge your performance and manage your exceptions

Easy to apply techniques that will enable you to drive a relevant conversation

How to get more interviews because you will need at least 2-3 offers to negotiate the optimum package

Recieve One-to-one Support From A Personal Coach For Advice Before, During And After Your Interview.  Get Lifetime Access To 15 Self-Study Support Videos

What Makes The Interview 
Coaching Academy Different?

The Interview Coaching Academy provides a unique blend of tailored one-to-one support with self study videos to consolidate your learning. Receive end-to-end support before and after your interview and ask questions after your initial coaching so that you feel supported. We will even help you to follow-up with the interviewers so that you make a great impact.

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced tracks provide high-quality information so you can get the results you want…solid advice to overcome almost any scenario for Managers and professional. No matter what level you’re at, you’ll have the tools you need to increase your confidence, and get the job you want as opposed to one that just pays the bills. Everything is neatly organized into your very own membership area so you can come back any time to watch, listen and / or download all the pre-recorded content, at your convenience.


X2 eBooks

Interview Tips: 20 x common interview questions and answers. And, Get The Interview CV Writing Blueprint (value $34)

X1 Video

Evidence based video on how to identify your natural talents and strengths with insight from a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. (Value $20)

X1 eCourse

A multi-media video/audio eCourse introducing steps to finding a job you love + a Video eCourse steps on how to produce a CV. (value $147)

Full Members Get Lifetime Access

When you enrol as a full member of the interview 
Coaching Academy you will receive more that 2 hours of persona,l one-to-one coaching from a dedicated Coach.

You also receive the self-study video on how to prepare for and interview and how to answer tough interview questions.  

This is all designed to consolidate your learning and is yours to keep - along with the bonuses mentioned above - for life. 

Recieve One-to-one Support From A Personal Coach For Advice Before, During And After Your Interview.  Get Lifetime Access To 15 Self-Study Support Videos

100% Money Back Guarenteed!

Your Full Membership To The Interview Coaching Academy is 100% Risk-Free with My 30-Day, No Questions Asked, Money Back Guarantee.

You can book your one-to-one personalised coaching session and get immediate lifetime access to all the self-learning support videos which you can watch and listen to on your schedule, as well as the bonuses. Learn and take action by applying the lessons our coaches present and take full advantage of the incredible bonuses. If you aren’t satisfied, I’ll refund your money within the first 30 days, no questions asked!