Regain Your Confidence Escape The Boss You Hate, And Get Job Offers In The Next Few Weeks

Now you can find out how to have employers chase YOU with job offers so you can finally escape the boss you hate, or get the raise you’ve longed for....

After having a coaching session, I experienced a new sense of calm and confidence. I waited for nerves to kick in as the time for the interview approached, but it just never happened. I came out feeling completely happy and absolutely sure of my performance. It was a really good feeling. A few hours later, I received a phone call offering me the job!


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Are you feeling disheartened on your journey to work because you don’t see eye to eye with your boss and the frustration of failing interview after interview is getting you down?

Or do you feel that you’re not in control and under appreciated at work because you’re not making the career progress or money, that you feel you deserve?

You’re not alone.

And if you’re low on confidence it will show at your next interview …. coming a close second at interview or not getting a call back just adds salt to the wound.

Make sure you read this entire page right now because I’m going to tell you about a 5 Step Interview Success Blueprint that could help you to get multiple offers in the next few weeks...

....But first, do you recognise any of symptoms (BELOW) that lead to low confidence at interview and frustration due to a lack of job offers?:

  • Do you go to bed the night before your interview with a nervous stomach because you have a sense that you could’ve done more to prepare and get yourself ready?
  • Does your anxiety increase the day before your interview as you visualise facing a panel having prepared inadequately and you suddenly realise there’s a lot at stake?
  • And, are you uncertain what is expected and confused about WHAT to prepare because you don’t have anyone to turn too for reassurance and professional support?
  • As the big day gets closer, have you suddenly realised ‘OMG, what questions should I ask?’ and ‘what the hell should I say?’ but, you don’t know who has the right answers…?
  • When sat in front of the panel, do you wonder if you’ve answered a question in the right way or worry that you said the wrong thing as the interviewers give you a blank stare?
  • Do you leave the interview not knowing how well you did and convince yourself that 'i tried my best' but wish you knew what it takes to get a phone call with a 'yes'!?
  • Have you been excited about your interview and feedback from previous rounds but in the end, felt slighted because you came a close second and were left wondering ‘why?’
  • And - after your interview - when rushing back to the office - did you feel you’d let yourself down and wished you’d performed better to finally move forward with your career?
  • ….And did you ever feel drained of confidence or left feeling ‘unfairly judged’ or ‘upset’ with interview feedback because you know you were more than qualified to do the role?

If you recognise any of these scenarios, you’re not alone and I’ve experienced many of these situations.

The questions represent recurring feedback from people I’ve coached over the years so again I say, you’re not alone….

The simple truth is that most post-interview hiring decisions are relatively clear cut because there’s usually one outstanding candidate who makes relatively few mistakes....

It’s Time To Use A Proven Method For Peak Interview Performance, WITHOUT The Need To Sell Your Soul!

Interviews are simply about finding the right information and presenting it in a way that appeals to the interviewers and hiring manager.

And the method and blueprint I’m about to share with you is probably not like anything else you’ve seen or tried….

With the right mindset, technique and tactics, I’m convinced that even if you’re the shyest of introverts you can impress interviewers to get the jobs that you truly want and have a number of offers on the table.

And you probably already have most of the resources you need to prepare.

So, yes, you can do it, too.

Here’s what that means to you…

Would you like to walk into any interview
with a new sense of calm and confidence...?

Read this page and I will show you a tested a proven method (to answer the most challenging questions) and a blueprint which forms the pillars of the Interview Coaching Academy support program.  The Blueprint includes:

Step One:
Prepare the key information interviewers expect you to present so that you can maintain their attention by talking about topics relevant to their business, team and sector

Step Two:
Review and analyse data to pick out the most important information to talk about on the big day

Step Three:
Understand exactly what you need to know about the interviewers because if you focus on building a relationship with the key panel members, you're more likely to get a job offer

Step Four:
Understand how to answer questions whilst engaging in a meaningful 2-way dialogue to pitch yourself as a solution to their challenges

Step Five:
Summarise key points, get on the spot feedback so you can gauge your performance and close the interview and take charge of the next steps.

Who Is Interview Coaching Academy is For?

The Interview Coaching Academy is for Managers, Professionals and students who:

>>>> more often than not - want to finally begin to be chased by recruiters and employers with job offers and positive feedback

>>>> are confused and Sick of hearing that you’ve come a close second when your skills and experience is more than adequate to do the job

>>>> finally want to be clear in their mind and confident about what they need to say and do

>>>> want to leave the interview with a spring in their step knowing that they did everything they needed to do to affect a positive decision

“the Interview Coaching Academy is about helping you to master repeatable methods and interview techniques so you can move from one interview to another with confidence to take control of the process and get multiple offers”

Let me explain.

It’s mid-afternoon and I’m writing this page from my office having moved seamlessly between management roles in Marketing and Recruitment over the past 17 years or so.

I changed between a career in recruitment to marketing and back again and I often get new contract roles when the need arises.

In my line of work I speak to people going to and from jobs they don’t like, jobs that leave them feeling empty and unfulfilled but they have to ‘stick with’ to keep food on the table and pay bills for yet another month.

And we’ve all been in that situation!

But you might not be able to figure out how to make a move.

That doesn’t have to be your story.

As a successful Recruiter I realised a whole new world opened up to me because I could use my experience to get multiple offers for jobs that I really wanted whilst helping countless others to do the same.

Suddenly things that yesterday were just wishes, hopes and dreams become real life choices.

Why Should You Listen To Me?


Good question...

Here’s why I’m qualified to teach you how to start to master the interview process to get multiple offers in the next few weeks (and when I say ‘process’, I mean before, during and post interview)… My name is Alex Wilson-Campbell and I moved into recruitment in 2002.

You might already know me as the Founder of the Careers With Purpose Academy and Summit or

perhaps you subscribe to my email newsletter on job search, personal branding and interviews.

Over more than a decade in recruitment I have attracted thousands of email subscribers and social media followers who follow my blog, and all this has happened in just the last few years.

Now, I don’t write about this to brag, rather I want to bring clarity to exactly how I got here. .

"I was a beginner … And had a big ‘Aha’ moment that enabled me - and many other job seekers - to get numerous offers for work that really meant something ..."

Over many years of interviewing and coaching jobseekers (and getting to know the expectations and desires of hiring managers and employers) I discovered the little-known details of SUCCESSFUL interviewing and job search.

I decided to offer one to one coaching sessions in which shared as much information and interview tactics as I could with job seekers.

After all, it was a win win.

The candidates I mentored got work that wanted and I made lots of placements which boosted my own career.

And it became obvious to me that there was particular method that my most SUCCESSFUL job search candidates were following.

I even used my new found ‘powers’ to affect my own career change and targeted meaningful work with purpose-led employers.

Not only did I target work that was enjoyable, I also interviewed for and successfully won work at progressively higher and higher salaries.

I refined and taught the method many years helping numerous people to their dream jobs while making millions of dollars for my respective employers!


How to Impress A CEO At Interview (+ Some Situations That Really Put Him Off !)

I've spoken to a number of CEOs and hiring managers and always ask them about their experiences with hiring and interviews..

In this interview with Eric Ryan, CEO of and Method Products, he describes 3 things that impress him at interview

How I Transformed Job Seekers' Tears
Into Smiles And Interview Confidence..

But my main concern was to help as many people as I could.

And it was around 2009 that I began receiving at least one email per day from panicked job seekers asking me how to answer all sorts of interview questions.

Now, while occasionally I would write them back a response, it just became impossible to help everyone.

I had a steady stream of customers some in tears as they told me how desperate they were to escape miserable jobs and horrible bosses!

I realized “Wow! there are lots of people out there who could use my help!”

So in 2010, I began to coach managers, professionals and students alongside my day job.

And I’ve received some great feedback including Zena who said

"….after attending the coaching session I experienced a new sense of calm and confidence. I came out feeling completely happy ….. A few hours later, I received a phone call offering me the job!"

But like most things, the world of work is changing and some of the changes might not be obvious to you given you’ve probably had your head down for the last couple of years.

Interviews are becoming more challenging so one thing you need to be sure of is your ability to adapt to the changes.

5 Changes That Will Effect Your Next Interview

But like most things, the world of work is changing and some of the changes might not be obvious to you because you’ve been focussed on work for the last couple of years.

Interviews are becoming more challenging so one thing you need to be sure of is your ability to adapt to the changes and not continue to do the same old things that you’re used to doing and were probably holding back

So, what’s changed?:

>>Interview screening processes are getting tougher and tougher so you need to figure out what to expect

You can expect a more rigorous screening process, including skills and cultural fit assessments.

1. Finding a new job has never been easy but according a report by Glassdoor, checks on interviewees (between 2010-2014) have grown throughout the world

2. Background checks have increased from 25 percent usage in 2010 to 42 percent in recent times Skills test usage has increased from 16 percent to 23 percent

3. Personality test usage has increased sharply from 12 percent in 2010 to 18 percent

>>You are much more likely to be interviewed via video or phone 

video and phone interview is on the rise because it’s helping employers to access and assess talent quickly and efficiently. So you now have even more competition from all corners of the globe and need to be comfortable in multimedia environments while being interview ready.

>> The entire interview process is getting longer and longer so you need know how to manage the process

More info from Glassdoor’s report suggests that job interview durations have become longer over the years (reaching 23 to 36 days for larger businesses). Do you know the steps and ettiequte for managing employers and recruiters so that you remain a contender throughout and avoid alienating the interviewers?

>>The competition for permanent jobs is more intense than ever

There’s a growing trend in hiring flexible workers in part-time, temporary, contract and gig jobs, probably because employers are adapting to skills shortages and/or attempting to make savings.

That means you’re likely to have more interviews in the coming years. There’ll also be a growing demand on you to perform when you attend interviews for permanent jobs because more people will be competing for fewer and fewer permanent jobs.

When Did It All Get So Complicated?

Well it’s never been easy….

And when things don’t work, you should not add more things to do or continue with methods that don’t work because you will do more of what doesn’t work and end up even more tired and frustrated.

If you’re like most job seekers you feel frustrated by your lack of results and overwhelmed by all the things you are “supposed” to do to get the job you want.

You’re tired of coming a close second or desperate to know what’s gone wrong.

You’re fed up of seeing people leave your team one by one or get newer and better jobs and earn more and more money, while you struggle.

You’ve been told the key to success is to answer questions the right way, ask the right questions, be confident, think positively and research like crazy …..

But where do you start??

What if I told you there is a smarter method to use at your next interview, a method that is superior to all the common advice you find online and with regular coaches…

There's A Smarter Method For Interview Success

I have developed a smarter interview method after 15 years of working on the interviewing and recruitment frontline and speaking directly to HIRING MANAGERS AND DECISION MAKERS.

It’s a proven method that has been rigorously tested in the real world and has ultimately helped hundreds into work they love.

Graduates of the Interview Coaching Academy have gone on to have numerous interviews for jobs in senior management roles in the public and private sector including, marketing, sales, law, science, libraries, energy, technology, accounting and finance and many more....


Introducing The Interview Coaching
Academy Method And 5 Point Blueprint

You’ll probably need 3 offers to place yourself in a favourable position to negotiate a favourable outcome for your career.

That might sound like a lot of work but no-one ever said it was easy to get the career that you REALLY want.

I know that the last thing you want to be doing is trying to work out what you need to do because it leads to confusion and your focus is distracted from performing at the interview itself.

Wouldn’t you rather have a coach to tell you what and how you need to prepare and what you can expect?

That’s why I’ve done all the heavy lifting for you and formed the Interview Coaching Academy.

The Academy is based on a proven 5 point blueprint ANYONE can use to prepare for the challenges and scenarios you’re likely to face.  

The methods and blueprint allow you to focus on the task at hand and give an outstanding performance!

First let me tell you more about the Blueprint.

Preparation is important because it will allow you to differentiate yourself.

If you're going into an interview and you don't know what you're getting yourself into ie if you don't know anything about:

>> the company accounts
>> the market they operate in,
>> their competition
>> the person sitting in front of you

..... then you're not going to be able to position yourself correctly.

The Preparation Process

The preparation process is like any other research process and there are variety of information resources at your disposal in libraries and on the internet.

I recommend looking at the market/industry with detailed industry analysis via online databases like Hoovers and Dun and Bradstreet because they all give information about a particular sector.

Seeking out business information via newspapers and magazines, annual reports, Google - and especially Google News (for SMBs / SMEs) - is really important.

If it's a publicly listed company, look at the company accounts and annual accounts so that you can understand where the profit lies, where the difficulties may lie, where the opportunities lie, what the CEO and other prominent figures are saying in terms of future growth..

You really need to stop overwhelming yourself with thoughts of getting the job you’re interviewing for.

This might sound counterintuitive but believe me, if you focus on building a relationship with your prospective manager - and the other important people in the interview process -  the rest will come naturally and fall in to place.

Please remember to find out as much about the people in the business as possible.

You will need to research 3 key people, including the:

1. CEO
2. People in the team, especially those who are likely to work in a similar role
3. And the interviewers

This will give you an edge over other interviewees because most people forget to try to understand the people and culture of the organisation that they're going into.

LinkedIn will give you a feel and a flavour for people within the business, so networking and engaging in conversations beforehand, will enable you to get as much information as you can.

You need to spend some time analysing the data that the recruiter or hiring manager gave you and that data's generally in the form of an advert, a job description and a person specification.

Just from those three pieces of information, you should be able to understand what the experience, skills and strengths and values the organisation are looking for, because they're likely to be right in front of you.

Your task is to articulate the qualities that YOU have, with those required by the role.

So, you need to understand what they're looking for and then mirror it back to them, whether that's in the application process or the interview process.

The key to managing yourself in the interview process is to accept that the interview is a SALES PROCESS.

Think back to the last interview that you had and I can guarantee you that the interviewer spent 90% of the time grilling you and asking you questions, and then at the end, gave you 5 or 10% of the time for you to ask questions.

You need to redress that balance and promote a meaningful dialogue whilst focussing on the interviewers’ needs and not your own. the first step is to ask questions.

How can you ask questions in an interview process?

The easiest way is to initiate the dialogue - with the interviewers - that goes back and forth as you exchange questions and answers ..... as if you were in a verbal game of tennis.

If they ask you a question about project management, you might give them an answer about your experience with project management....

At the end of your answer you then to tag on a question back to the interviewer about how project management is conducted within their organisation.

As an interviewee this enables you to build up a range of information on the spot - that you wouldn't have got from your previous research - about exactly what this role is all about.

"You also need to tell the interviewers what interests you about what they are doing… make them feel good about what they do ..."

You’ll now have a wealth of new information which will enable you to pitch yourself in - at the end of the interview - as the solution and ideal candidate because you’ll have a better understanding of what they're looking for.

So, by now you should have asked your questions .. BY THE WAY, IF THEY HAVE ASKED YOU TEN QUESTIONS, YOU SHOULD HAVE ASKED TEN BACK TO THEM …

You've got an understanding of what the organisation is looking for and made them feel good about what they do.

There are two steps you need to follow from there.

The First step is to summarise what's just gone before.

For example you might say something along the lines of “From my understanding, are you looking for a Marketing Manager with A, B, C, X, Y, Z?” if you’ve provided an accurate summary, they will say yes once you’ve delivered your summary ….

The second step is to set actions moving forward.

The simplest and most effective way to do this in an interview scenario is to ask, "Do you have any reservations about me?"

The reason I would suggest you ask that question is, if there ARE any reservations you want the opportunity to deal with them there and then.

You don’t want to go home and think, "If only I had asked this question or answered this differently," and if there aren't any reservations, you want them to start thinking about committing to moving forward with YOU, and that question helps to do that.

Your post interview follow-up correspondence with the interviewers will also help them to understand that you want to commit to moving forward.

"I’ve put more details of the Blueprint inside the Interview Coaching Academy and I want to share more details with you but first I want to tell you why you’ve not had success in recent interviews…"

4 Reasons You Failed Or Came A
Close 2nd At Your Last Interview

1. Your body language and expressions are off putting
Does your body language come across as negative?

I’ve interviewed people who exude negativity or just look like they’ve had a bad day and I can tell you, it’s not appealing. There may be times when you have not had a good day but you will need to try your best to look as positive as possible.

No-one wants to work with someone who seems negative or lacks confidence ... you’re not likely to make it past the first interview stage.

Another note of caution: if you leave a recruiter with a negative first impression, they are highly unlikely to want to send your details to their clients.

2. You blew your opportunity to make a good first impression
Your success will be determined by your ability to impress the panel WITHIN THE FIRST FEW MINUTES AND SECONDS of your interview.

And one question they are likely to ask from the outset is, “Tell me about yourself”

If you’re unable to provide a brief answer (in around 60 seconds) - and summarise why your skills, experience, values are a fit for the business, role and team - then you’re not likely to reach the next phase of the process.

Use this PROVEN FORMULA in your next interview and you’ll provide a polished and succinct answer that will impress interviewers

Say who you are:
talk about what you do as a professional and highlight relevant credentials that apply to your job application.

Business Fit:
Research you’ve done prior to your interview should indicate that there is a good degree of cultural and values alignment. If that is the case you need to articulate this to the interviewers because it will contribute to their decision making.

It’s not enough to simply state your skills and expertise, you will also need to give a couple of highlights or achievements from your career as backup to differentiate yourself from the many other candidates with similar experience.

Show them you’re interested. Don’t underestimate the importance of this one and remember that you can show interest through your actions and by stating – in no uncertain terms – that you are interested.

So prepare and practice your response well in advance of your interview.

3. You spent too much time focussing on your needs and not those of the interviewer
I’ve surveyed a number of CEOs and hiring managers when retrieving interview feedback on behalf of job seekers.

All too often, they complain that the interviewee didn’t seem interested in their business and spent most of the time talking about themselves. I’ll never forget what the Founder of B Corp said to me during a recent interview; not only do you need to explain how you will contribute to a business, you also need to “tell them what interests you about what they are doing… make them feel good about what they do” That’s part of your recipe for success.

4. You didn’t connect with the interviewer and appeared to be disinterested in the business or role
Don’t fall into the trap of asking questions that don’t add substance to the conversation because you’ll alienate the interviewers.

If you don’t ask questions the interviewer will assume that you have little or no interest in the job so it goes without saying you’re not going to get an offer.

Having said that asking irrelevant questions or questions that don’t add substance to the conversation can be equally as damaging to your chances of securing the job.

So the key here is to prepare what you are going to ask well in advance of your interview and prepare questions about the role, about the business, about the team etc etc.

How You Can Avoid
Interview Failure

The Interview Coaching Academy Is
Open: Here's What You Will Learn Inside

​Having a trained interview coach offers you the opportunity to share your concerns with someone who knows what they’re talking about.

You will learn techniques that will enable you to answer questions like “Tell me about yourself”

....and discover rapport-building techniques to stimulate a conversation

Over the course of 2 modules, you’ll discover key strategies and learn best practices for mastering your performance at interview in live and pre-recorded training.

The coaching consists of support from the beginning to the end of your interview and this is what you can expect:

Pre- Interview one-to-one Coaching
2hrs pre-interview training:

>> An interactive, one-to-one mock session to practice your interview technique against a scorecard of variables (up to one hour)

>> Scorecard review, on the spot feedback and Q&A session to highlight areas for improvement (up to one hour)

>> Learn how to answer competency and behavioural interview questions to form a dialogue between yourself and the interviewer (+ follow up self learning video content)

>> Advice on what to research and prepare for your interview: training on the 4 types of questions to ask and guidance on closing the interview (+ follow up self learning video content)

By the end of the first module you will know where your strengths and weaknesses lie and how you can improve your performance.

You will feel more confident because you will know exactly what the interviewer expects, what to prepare and how to approach your interview.

Post-Interview one-to-one support

>> Post interview ‘huddle’ and consultation on how to follow up with the interviewer

>> Phone support for 30 days to answer impromptu questions

>> Access to a private, online members’ area where you can watch pre-recorded training support content on your mobile or tablet, including videos on how to answer interview questions and interview questions to ask

>> have one-to-one phone access to a personal support coach who will guide you on the best steps to take to follow up after your interview and answer any questions that you might have.

Plus! - Checklists and Task Sheets
The coaching includes checklists and task sheets to support and implement what you learn.

This is where the “rubber hits the road” as you begin to follow the instructions to build your recognisance following the instructions.

Ticking the box as you get each step done is an important motivation and accountability tool. And don’t worry it’s nothing too heavy because the last thing want to do more work than is necessary.

Many of the graduates of Interview Coaching Academy have told me that it was the tasks that they appreciated the most because it was clear what they had to focus on.

Full members get access to a private members area

And I realize not everyone will remember every detail of the session. And you might not like to sit in front of your computer and watch videos.

Because of this I’ll given you a downloadable audio-only MP3 version of the 2 hour session and videos to take with you on your smartphone, tablet or laptop.

Leverage Over 15 Years Of Research,
Testing And Development So You Can
Move Forward With Your Career...

If you’re like most busy people I’ve worked with you probably don’t have time to be learning several different trainings and strategies and searching the internet to make sense of so called expert advice...

You need to be effective and efficient with your preparation and execution.

You want to use your valuable time and energy on a strategy that will actually work without having to rely on trial and error.

When you register for Interview Coaching Academy, you’ll be able to leverage over 15 years of my experience and the hundred of hours of time I’ve spent testing what works.

You’ll literally cut your learning curve down by half.

The methods used inside the Interview Coaching Academy and the blueprint we follow is proven to work so you can feel confident knowing that you’re following a strategy that will get you results.

In fact I guarantee it.

And you’ll be able to apply the methods to all of your up-and-coming interviews to increase your chances of success.

NO-ONE Else Teaches
This Method ...

The Interview Coaching Academy provides a unique blend of tailored one-to-one support with self study videos to consolidate your learning.

Receive end-to-end support before and after your interview and ask questions after your initial coaching so that you feel supported.

We will even help you to follow-up with the interviewers so that you make a great impact.

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced tracks provide high-quality information so you can get the results you want…solid advice to overcome almost any scenario for Managers and professional.

No matter what level you’re at, you’ll have the tools you need to increase your confidence, and get the job you want as opposed to one that just pays the bills.

Everything is neatly organized into your very own membership area so you can come back any time to watch, listen and / or download all the pre-recorded content, at your convenience.

Where Will You Be In 3, 6, 12 Months From Now?

Many people who read this will you be trapped by procrastination and self-doubt and move from one unproven coach to the next…?

They will continue to drift around the internet or speak to colleagues desperately seeking the information that’s going to help them to get the know-how to figure things out?

And they’ll continue to be frustrated and confused by all the conflicting advice and eventually feel like giving up on making the career move that they dreamed of?

But you’re different.

You’re ready to invest in yourself and to learn and develop to take your next step forward.

Imagine being able to say to your boss “I’ve got a great new job so here’s my resignation!”

And a year from now you will be making real progress toward your goals and have the confidence to make decisions - and moving forward - you will on your way to living life on your terms.

It’s time for action and no more wishing or hoping. It’s time to watch yourself grow to new heights.


Get These Bonuses When You Join...

As you can imagine, after helping so many job seekers I know what it takes to win at interview.

Winning at interview means you need to generate multiple offers so that you can put yourself in position to choose your next job offer..

You will also need to demonstrate to the interviewer that you are a strong contender who is in demand.

That way, you will create some urgency in the minds of the interviewer…

In order to generate offers you need to need a resume or CV that stands out..

That’s why I am excited to announce these special bonuses for new members of the Interview Coaching Academy…

X2 eBooks

Interview Tips: 20 x common interview questions and answers. And, Get The Interview CV Writing Blueprint (value $34)

X1 Video Training

Evidence based video on how to identify your natural talents and strengths with insight from a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. (Value $20)

X1 eCourse

A multi-media video/audio eCourse introducing steps to finding a job you love + a Video eCourse steps on how to produce a CV. (value $147)


I’m interested but what exactly will I receive when I become a member of the the Interview Coaching Academy?

The first step is a 40 minute scoping call so your coach can understand your unique circumstances. Interview Coaching Academy is more than just another course.

It’s a totally unique, one-of-a-kind mentoring program. We provide you with everything you need to improve your performance at interview.

As a full member of the Interview Coaching Academy member, you’ll learn from cutting-edge, easy to follow:

>> 2x 1 hour coaching workshops (+ a 40 minute scoping call)
>> Basic Training Videos for absolute beginners
>> Advanced lessons for experienced more experienced professionals
>> A Members-Only resources area MP3 audios of your 2 hour workshop
>> plus training audios and video to use in your own time
>> Post interview, personal contact with me as your mentor with the freedom to ask me any question you like
>> Not just a bunch of theory. You’ll get an easy-to-follow proven system so you can quickly overcome any challenges or sticking points you encounter along the way.

What’s more, you’ll enjoy the carefully paced sessions with no fluff and no filler. Just bucket-loads of ready-to-use, actionable advice with the specific guidance you need to implement them.

Bottom line: I’m going to hand you the exact same system I use to develop my career and get jobs that I want, when I want.

I’ll cut many months and thousands of dollars off your learning curve so that you can begin to get offers for jobs at a pay grade that’s right for you! You’ll save money, time and stress and discover the difference between a great interview strategy and downright garbage.

If you’re someone who is able to follow simple instructions, likes learning and wants to change their life for the better, you will love this coaching program. If all that sounds good to you, stop reading now and sign-up, I can’t wait to meet you!

How Can I Tell If The Interview Coaching Academy Is For Me?

>> The Interview Coaching Academy is for anyone with basic computer skills (able to type an email or use Microsoft Word)

>> The Interview Coaching Academy is for anyone who seriously wants to have reusable system for generating interview offers. Plus, it really doesn’t matter how old you are, your level of seniority and the sector in which you work!

>> The Interview Coaching Academy is for anyone who is teachable and willing to invest 4 hours of work (including 2 with your coach) to learn the methods taught in the programme. If that describes you then you have what it takes.

>> You don’t even need any technical skills!

>> The Interview Coaching Academy is perfect for people from all walks of life baby boomers, millennials, young people, students and anyone who wants to learn how to polish their interview technique!

A great feature of the interview coaching academy program is that your coach is available if you ever need to ask for help. That’s what mentoring is all about – having a knowledgeable expert who can point you in the right direction, whenever you get stuck…

Who is the Interview Coaching Academy for? Beginners, professionals etc? 

Beginner, intermediate, and advanced tracks are supported in the Interview Coaching Academy program and your coach will adjust to your individual needs.

Rest assured you will be given high-quality information so you can get the results you want…solid advice to overcome almost any scenario for Managers and professionals, graduates and seasoned professionals.

No matter what level you’re at, you’ll have the tools you need to increase your confidence, and get the job you want.

Why do I need an interview coach and how are you qualified to help me? 
I was personally trained by the Recruitment and Employment Confederation in advanced aspects of interviewing and during 15 years in recruitment I coached individuals and groups to perform at their best interviews.

We also have a team of associates who are qualified coaches and/or careers coaches.You will be in a position to:

Receive coaching from experienced and trained professionals
Our Coaches have mentored hundreds of job seekers into work and are able to give you informed feedback on your overall performance so that you know where and how you can improve.

Practice answering a variety of questions in a structured setting. Performance assessment.
Did you know that interviewers are likely to ask you different types of question including traditional and situational questions? During your one-to-one session you will be given feedback on the quality of your performance and relevance of the answers you give.

Gain on-the-spot feedback during and receive support for up to 30 days after your initial session
The interview coaching session gives you a great way to prepare for real scenarios with on-the-spot and post interview advice so that you will feel more confident.

Experience realistic practice and preparation and make a big impact
You will be given a realistic scenario to prepare based on your interview. Learn everything you need to do to prepare for recruiters’ and employers’ interviews so that you make a lasting impression.

Gain insight into how you have performances against specific metrics
Review and understand your performance so that you know which areas you need to improve.

Why should you choose the Interview Coaching Academy Program over others?
The interview coaching academy program is based on real world experience and offers insight from hiring managers and CEOs.

Uncover the most effective and sustainable ways to build your know-how for the 3 critical stages of your interview (i.e before, during and after). This will increase your confidence. Learn one-to-one from proven coaches who have helped hundreds of people to have success at interview.

Conquer your fears, fast-track your learning and achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible. Why spend dozens of hours chasing dead ends online and endure mistakes and frustration when you can learn from the best right here.

We understand your anxieties and concerns because we’ve seen others overcome their fears to get work that they really want.

Harness tools and value packed bite-sized video trainings to back up your learning. Having access to self-study materials will further boost your confidence and enable you to recap on what you have learned. We know you’re busy at home and work so each video nugget is short and to the point so it can be easily absorbed.

Connect with like-minded people who are experiencing a similar situation! Make priceless connections in our exclusive, online private group. If you’re seeking community and the meaningful connections that will inspire you to action, you’ll find it there.

What Does Membership To The Interview Coaching Academy Cost?

Graduates have all said that the Interview Coaching Academy program pays for itself not only because it has helped them to get offers for work at higher salary but also because they learned strategies that more than paid for their induction into the academy.

You have good timing.

At the end of 2016 I mapped out a completely new, much more refined Interview Coaching Academy program, designed to keep up to date with the changes in recruitment and hiring.

The academy is open for registration this month I will enrol a limited number of candidates.

I’m committed to ongoing updates and live coaching for all new Interview Coaching Academy members, so when you join today, you know

1) you are getting the most up-to-date version and

2) I am there to support you.

The big benefit of joining now is you get the results of over 15 years of recruitment and interviewing at your at your disposal.

The Interview Coaching Academy has truly EVOLVED and it's a much better program because I have constantly refined it.

This is not the “first experimental course” – this is finely tuned program.

I’ve cut-the-fat and zeroed in on the blueprint and proven methods that I know will get you results as quickly as possible.

The Interview Coaching Academy is a complete program and you can begin working with me to start your training for just $597 - for a limited period - instead of the usual $997.

This is subject to availability as I enrol a maximum of 20 candidates per month.

Once you see that the quality and quantity of training you receive leaves many higher priced programs and courses in the dust, you’ll know you’ve made the right decision.

This is a mastermind program on interview preparation and execution (I bet you won’t find such a relevant and up to date course at even the best universities and business schools).

After graduation you will enjoy LIFE-TIME ACCESS TO ALL THE PRE-RECORDED RESOURCES AT NO EXTRA COST, so you can study at your own pace if you prefer.


Includes FREE 20 minute strategy session

  • Pre-coaching consultation
  • 1 hour Mock/Coaching Session
  • 1 hour Feedback Session
  • Self-Study Interview Tips Videos
  • Interview Scorecard
  • Post Interview 'Huddle'
  • Post Interview Q&A for up to 30 Days
  • Follow-up Support
  • Entry Into Private Members' Group
  • Bonuses


Package Value $1497


Includes FREE 20 minute strategy session

  • Pre-coaching consultation
  • 1 hour Mock/Coaching Session
  • 1 hour Feedback Session
  • Interview Scorecard
  • ​Self-study Interview Tips Videos
  • Post Interview 'Huddle'
  • ​Post Interview Q&A for up to 30 Days
  • Hiring Manager ​Follow-up Support
  • Entry Into Private Members' Group
  • Bonuses


Package Value $947

If You're not Happy After 30 Days I'll Give You Your Money Back


Use This Program For 30 days And If You Are Not Happy For Any Reason I’ll Give You A Full Refund 

I’m so confident that once you start using the methods taught in the Interview Coaching Academy - during preparation and in your interviews - you’ll get more confidence and offers than you previously experienced, that I’m going to guarantee it.

Here’s my guarantee to you: When you register for the Interview Coaching Academy you’ll have an entire 30 days to undergo the training and use the methods I describe and teach.

If you go through the modules, use the templates and do all the exercises and you haven’t seen an improvement in your interview performance, just send me your completed exercises to show me you did the work, and I’ll give you a full refund.

That’s how confident I am that once you learn the methods and apply it to your interviews you’ll start seeing results — and I can’t think of a more fair and reasonable offer than that.

Please Note: We accept a maximum of 20 candidates per month.  The offer of $597 is is a LIMITED OFFER for 10 people each month so reserve your spot now before spaces and time runs out! As soon as we reached a threshold of 10, we will raise the training from $597 to it’s original price of $997 each month.

See you in the training,

Founder, Careers With Purpose Academy