The #1 Online Careers Summit For Purpose-Led Professionals And Aspiring Social Entrepreneurs


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Register for the summit to discover how to;

  • Build confidence to be your authentic self and connect with aligned businesses for work or entrepreneurial opportunities
  • Use social media assets (especially LinkedIn) to market yourself and connect with decision makers
  • Identify your values to build your personal brand and network with professionals of a similar mindset
  • Network and interview with confidence to positively influence prospective contacts and employees
  • Network and interview with confidence to positively influence prospective contacts and employers
  • Build resilience and maintain motivation to reach your objectives despite life’s challenges

Topics Include: Interviews tips, personal branding, building confidence, productivity, positive psychology and happiness, future of work and job search, entrepreneurship + case studies from prominent purposeful leaders.


Phase #1
Get on the path of your desires and take charge of your life.


Learn from experts, speakers and thought leaders on subjects such as values identification, uncovering your passion and happiness, productivity, mastering interviews and mindset to move beyond your career crossroads.  


Phase #2
Learn from mission-led professionals to inform your decision making and take action.

Listen to successful purposeful professionals and entrepreneurs to learn how they built values driven careers and established business that make money whilst making a difference. 

The 20+ experts you'll be learning from will transform the way you think about building a successful  career and a happy life.


Eric Ryan

Co-Founder / Co-CEO, Method Products

Margaret Buj


Kresse Wesling MBE


Caroline Goyder


Aaron Hurst 


Timo Kinander


​Andy Cope


Joshua Waldman 


Tom Rippin

CEO & Founder,

Dr Tamara Russell

Director, Mindfulness Centre of Excellence

Pamela Hartigan

Director, Skoll Centre for Social Entrepreneurship

Cesar Gonzalez


Jay Coen-Gilbert

Co Founder, B Lab

Mark Leonard


Adèle McLay


Mathieu Senard

Co-CEO, Alter Eco Foods

Katie Hill

Executive Director, B Lab UK

Richard Barrett


Viveka von Rosen

Founder, Linked Into Business

Susanna Halonen


Edwin Jansen

Head Of Growth,

Evangelia Leclaire


Scott Barlow


Leon Richards