What would your business look like with a bigger audience and more of the right type of customers?

Live Work Play Media is here to help you use the power of online Media sites- such as LinkedIn, Facebook - and Google to support your growth and impact.  

Coaches, consultants, Florist, Bicycle Shops, Restaurants, Gyms and Healthcare Practitioners are using Facebook, Instagram and Google to generate leads and build relationships with their ideal customers.

So what are you waiting for?

Hello and thank you for visiting, my name is Alex Wilson-Campbell and I manage a team of some the world's most talented Facebook and Search Engine Marketing Experts around! 

We're here to help you to use Facebook and Google remarketing and email sequences to create multiple 'touches' with your potential customers so that 'cold' visitors turn into warm qualified leads.   

I’d like to show you how you can use social media as part of your marketing strategy to consistently and profitably attract and convert the right website visitors and leads.

Are you already using SEO, Social Media, or Google Adwords to bring cold leads to your website but not getting the result you expected?

It takes a number of online interactions across a variety of platforms for cold leads to turn into warm prospects.

We can help you to use social media to ‘warm-up’ your leads so that they are qualified and ready to buy by the time they make contact with your business.

And if you are struggling to attract the right leads, our experts can help you to set up the right way, first time around.

My career in marketing, sales and online lead generation - spanning 15 years - has taught me that online sales don't’ come easy.

I invested my own money to create personal development websites and quickly realised the power of Google, Facebook and LinkedIn to generate recurring leads to grow an audience and email list into the 10s of thousands.

And to cap it all, I was hired as a digital agency team manager (focusing on inbound marketing techniques) to generate leads for the likes of Sun Life Insurance and Viking River Cruises.

Back then, my clients had six figure ad budgets and would spend 10s of thousands of dollars per month just to retain my team to help their businesses to attract the right customers.

But I have learned that you can precisely target your ideal customers without spending an arm and a leg. I’ve also learned that your ideal customers now use social media and search engines (in increasing numbers) to get recommendations on what to buy and where to shop.

So there’s no doubt that you need to participate on social media to stay top-of-mind with your ideal customers because if you’re not in the game, they’ll shop elsewhere.

Let my team of ads experts manage your social media accounts (like Facebook) and do all the advertising leg work for you so that you don’t have to stumble around in the dark and - worse still - lose money in the process.

Now’s the time to focus on what you do best and join the multitudes of businesses of all shapes and sizes who are using Social Media Advertising and Search Engine Marketing to generate customers leads.

Book your call below and let’s talk about how our experts can help to generate new leads and sales for your business.

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