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What's The Four One One? Podcast Coming Soon ......

What's The Podcast About?

‘What’s Four One One?’ is a podcast for entrepreneurs with interviews from the sharpest minds in business. We ask our guests their biggest failure, their biggest ah-ha moment and their best ideas to help you in your business. 

You’ll learn from some of today’s most successful business leaders, Founders and CEOs such as Jay Coen-Gilbert, Founder Bcorp, Eric Ryan, Co-Founder, Method Products, Robin Chase, Founder Zipcar, Aaron Hurst, CEO Imperative and many more…. 


Being a small business owner can be lonely place and in an age of information overload it’s difficult to know who to listen for proven advice on how.… The aim of ‘What’s The Four One One’ podcast is to give you real world examples, ideas and strategies for growth from successful entrepreneurs and experts.  You'll learn how they bought their ideas to life, grew their teams and their business, how they built their customers base and much more... 

The experts you'll be learning from will transform the way you think about building a successful business.  And with a mix of anecdotes, teachings and insights Alex and his guests will filter out technical stuff and keep it simple!   

Our Audience

Launching to a following of > 10,000 our audience includes decision makers, C level personnel and consumers within the USA and Europe.

About Your Podcast Host

Hey Alex Wilson-Campbell here.

I’ve been called a “pioneering entrepreneur”  who is prepared to “go the ‘extra nine yards’ for both professional colleagues and clients”  

It’s likely that you’ve never heard of me before. I’m not famous and I don’t come from a wealthy line of successful entrepreneurs.

And yet my career in marketing and lead gen has enabled me to purchase my family home near central London via launching online projects that have helped thousands of people with their lives.

I have an audience of tens of thousands of online readers, email subscribers  and social media followers who follow my blog and all this has happened in just the last eight years or so.

But I don’t share this to brag, rather I want to bring clarity to exactly how I got here.  

It’s been a journey with highs and low...

My career started back in the early noughties when I was sourcing B2B customers leads using Hotbot and visiting trade shows in the UAE, Europe and North America.

Some of my most meaningful and lasting connections began with a simple online communication via a social network, webpage or email.  All with the aim of helping them with their struggles and problems. 

And that’s energised me to dig deeper, learn more and share the love because I know how tough it can be.

Helping people is at the heart of my efforts and that’s why I want to share with you what I’ve learned from the world’s greatest minds via these great podcast lessons.

Stay tuned!

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