What will you find in CV in 60 Minutes (+ The Bonus Job Search Module)?

CV In 60 Minutes contains 7 units that teach you a step-by-step method to produce a skill-based CV (and don't forget the additional 6 units in the bonus job search module).  I use screencast video presentations to demonstrate each step, from CV Heading through to writing a References section of the CV.  The bonus job search introduction contains an additional 6 units... That's 13 units in total!

The course can be completed in 60 minutes so you can avoid having to read lengthy reference books or trawling the internet to find reliable information.You can also start implementing all these strategies in your job search process starting today. (I hope you do!)

Oh and I did I mention that I've included an additional bonus module which introduces you to the core principles of job search that will enable you to identify a career path that matches your values, experieince and interests?

Why I Created This Multi-Media Course

I love to share my positive experieinces and expertise so that people in need of help can reach their goals -as soon as possible - and limit mistakes and overcome pitfalls. I want you to benefit from the same strategies I've used to find a career that I actually want as opposed to one that simply pays the bills.

I began my recruitment career in 2001 but it wasn’t until  years later that I began to see how much emotion is attached to having a job.  I then made the conscious decision to use my skills to advise people on job search and I could see the emotion and pain they were undergoing as many felt trapped in a situation in which they didn’t want to be.  


I witnessed grown men and women in tears as they told me about being bullied at work, taking the wrong job, feeling alone, or their vain attempts at getting back into the job market after having a family.  They talked about feeling undervalued, out of place or simply stuck in a situation that seemed to be going nowhere.


I had a good friend who called me in tears, frustrated with her life. She had a career she hated, she had no time for her family. She’d been talking about making a career change for years but didn’t make the leap because she just didn’t know how.

After learning about all this pain I decided to take action and help those who are struggling and CV in 60 Minutes was born!